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Fashion Asia Linkedin Group members surpass 700!

Our userbase on has surpassed 700 members. Fashion Asia now has a total of over 1000 members from all our online groups on different social sites on the net. We will be centralizing these soon, and our hopes are to use Linkedin as  the central place to manage all user profiles, as we feel it's the most appropriate.

We have more than 28 countries represented in Fashion Asia.

I receive a lot of emails asking great questions, don't be shy to post on the Fashion Asia discussion boards! If you have a great question, post away as I am sure the other members would love to participate in the debate.

Thanks everyone for the constant support and growth of the group!

- Josh Bellendir

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Added Calendar Support for FA's Website

FA is getting ready to host it's first social gathering. In preparation for this event, I have added an event calendar to the FA website which will, when an event has been created, display it on the calendar and allow you to register for the event.

Of course I still have to figure out whether I will just utilize the event system or use our own, I am still testing the differences between the two to see which would be better.

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Fashion Asia gets it's own home on the web!

Fashion Asia started originally as a linkedin group to fill the need for a Asia Pacific linkedin group focusing on the fashion industry. To bring together experts in their field and to open discussions with professionals working in and around Asia.

The goal was to allow fashion professionals to meet others in their local region as well as get in touch with fashion professionals in neighboring countries to seek advice and find answers to their questions. I started this group with that simple goal in mind. The group has grown quickly and I see nothing but good things in store for the future.

Seeing that linkedin is an excellent site for staying connected with your associates, vendors, partners, and business friends, it has it's limitations for managing a full blown group. Therefore, I decided to put together this little site to share information, organize events, and other things.

I hope you like the new design and site!