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  Which is more of a concern


Which is more of a concern in your mind: The lack of pressure from the defensive line or the inconsistent play of the defensive backs? It seems to me that in this era, you almost have to expect a team to be able to move the ball through the air; the teams that are successful in pass defense generate pressure with their front. So, which is a bigger need?Rowan: Good question, and I put it more on getting pressure. As poor as the numbers are and as bad as the secondary looked as a whole at times, we saw that when pressure was consistent this defense could be productive. Cheap custom NFL Cowboys jerseys,When the pressure from the line ceased, teams had a field day through the air. I think the bigger need is on the line, and if they can find a consistent pass rush, Cheap Cowboys Jerseys for sale,that secondary would look a lot different.David: I think it’s a great point, Alex. With the way the rules are designed, you almost have to assume teams are going to get passing yards. How can they not, when you aren’t allowed to get physical with receivers or hit them over the middle of the field? Perhaps the one team that can, Seattle, just happens to have Pro Bowl-caliber players at all four positions in the secondary. As poorly as the Cowboys’ secondary played at times in 2013, it also showed flashes of competence in three or four games. If you add an effective pass rush to the equation, I think the the defensive backs stand to improve significantly.After 12 games, everyone was saying DeMarco Murray would not return next year. Nike Cowboys throwback jerseys,After the way he finished the last four games, did he earn another contract?Rowan: Luckily for the Cowboys, that’s a decision they won’t have to make until after next season. We’ll have a better grasp at that point at their cap situation. Murray was fantastic the last month or so of the 2013 season and gave the Cowboys everything they could have hoped for. He’s still got to stay on the field more, but he was ready to go when it mattered most at the end of the year to put together his first 1,000-yard season. That said, he’d need an even more miraculous year to warrant another long-term contract. Running backs’ shelf lives just typically aren’t worth the second contract.David: Nobody was higher on Murray’s last four or five games than I was – he was a revelation after 12 weeks’ worth of inconsistency. I wouldn’t be in a rush to sign him to a new deal any time soon, though. He’s got one more year on his rookie contract. NFL dallas cowboys football jerseys,He still hasn’t completely proven his durability, as he missed two games in 2013, and he has missed at least two games in every season of his career. And as I just said in the above question, the NFL has become a passing league. I’m not convinced the Cowboys should be committing long-term to any running back.IRVING, Buy Size 4XL Cowboys jerseys,Texas - Late last week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones needed one word, and one word only, to squash any potential notions about changing defensive schemes next year.During his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan, Jones was asked if there was a chance the Cowboys would move from the 4-3, back to the 3-4 next year,And that was that,Cowboys thanksgiving jerseys, as the hosts moved on to a new subject.And that might have been the exact answer Jones told the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, if they really did call about the possibility of interviewing defensive line coach Rod Marinelli, who is great friends with newly hired Bucs head coach Lovie Smith. The two worked together in Chicago before this past season, but with Marinelli under contract, the Cowboys do not have to grant any team permission to interview assistants unless it’s for a head coaching spot.It’s likely Tampa Bay wanted Marinelli as its defensive coordinator, but instead they recently hired former Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier to spearhead that defense.For now, it appears Marinelli will be with the Cowboys next year, and it also seems like the team will be staying in the 4-3 scheme.That’s what we think we know. Now, whether or not Monte Kiffin will remain as the defensive coordinator remains to be seen. If he’s not,Cowboys thanksgiving jerseys, I would think it only makes sense to slide Marinelli up to the DC.Either way, the proof is there that Marinelli was a positive influence on this team. Say what you want about their 32nd ranked defensive unit, because it was certainly bad, but considering what they had on the defensive line, you know it could’ve been worse.Think about it, how many defensive linemen had the best seasons of their career in 2013?For starters, Jason Hatcher had a breakout season, and one that probably puts him in the Pro Bowl if the defense wasn’t so terrible. He probably still has a shot to make it as an alternate, considering his 11 sacks led all defensive tackles in the NFL and were the most by a Cowboys’ interior lineman since Randy White had 12 in 1984.Playing alongside Hatcher, Cowboys size 60 jerseys,Nick Hayden was an afterthought to make the team this year but found a way to start every game. Another camp body just to give the other guys a rest was George Selvie. Dallas Cowboys football jerseys,He got off his couch and not only made the team but out-sacked DeMarcus Ware.Even the plethora of guys signed off the street – guys like Everett Brown, Jarius Wynn and Drake Nevis – all played the best football of their careers. Nevis got cut and is no longer with the team, but still played better here than at any other previous stop.

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